Recognised riding and driving qualifications

Recognised driving qualifications

  • IAM driving
  • ROSPA driving
  • Police Advanced Driving Certificate
  • Police Standard Response Driving Certificate
  • Emergency Fire Appliance Drivers (EFAD)
  • Ambulance Driver (IHCD D2)
  • Regimental Staff Car course (Leconfield)
  • Defence Staff Car course (Leconfield)
  • Wedgewood Vehicle Advanced course (Leconfield)
  • Car/LGV/PCV Examiner’s Warrant (DSA)
  • Car/LGV Examiner’s Warrant (DDE)
  • Fire/Ambulance Service Instructor’s Certificate
  • Armed Forces driving Instructor’s Certificate
  • Bentley Chauffeur’s Certificate
  • Grade A Cardington Special Driving Test
  • National Express PCV Advanced Driver Course

Recognised motorcycle qualifications

  • IAM motorcycle
  • ROSPA motorcycle
  • Police Advanced Motorcycle Certificate
  • Police Standard Response Motorcycle Certificate
  • Motorcycle Examiner’s Warrant (DSA)
  • Motorcycle Examiner’s Warrant (DDE)
  • Armed Forces motorcycle Instructor’s Certificate

Don't have a qualification yet?

If you don't have a recognised qualification contact your local IAM or ROSPA group to arrange your advanced training.

We recommend that you read our FAQs and join Northumbria Blood Bikes as a member while you undertake your advanced training, so that you can complete the other steps needed to prepare yourself for your first shift.  Some of the steps can take a little time, like having jackets made if we don't have your size in stock, so the sooner you start the better.  That way when you pass your advanced test you can volunteer for shifts without delay.  

Advanced Riding groups

Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists (IAM):
Durham Advanced Motorcyclists (IAM):
RoADAR North East (ROSPA):

Advanced Driving groups

Darlington Advanced Motorists Group(IAM):
Newcaslte Advanced Motorists (IAM):
North East Central Advanced Motorists(IAM):
RoADAR North East (ROSPA):