Berwick Academy Inspiration Day


Tuesday, July 16, 2019 - 10:00 to 14:30

Looking for a speaker for workshops about being a volunteer at NBB. Further details will follow from the school closer to the date.

From the school...

In 2017, we ran our first careers inspiration event for schools in the Berwick Partnership. The positive
feedback we received from students, teaching staff and parents was overwhelming, and we would very
much like to thank you for your participation and support.
We now intend to build upon this success by running another careers inspiration event on Tuesday 16th
July, 2019. This will include workshops, larger activities on employment skills and job applications, and a
chance for students to ask questions about future career pathways.
Our students are captivated by success stories from the real world. Your story and experience can help
inspire many of our students to consider career pathways they are not yet aware of.
The format will be broadly similar to the last two years. The workshops would be themed by employment
sector, with students signing up to the workshops that they are interested in finding out more about.
Each workshop would last an hour, and include three guests taking a 20 minute slot each. This slot would
ideally involve an informal description of your work role, and include a 10 minute discussion of the skills,
knowledge and expertise necessary for the job. Students will also have pre-prepared questions for you!
The workshops will be based in classrooms, with an audience of around 20 students from Years 8, 9, 10
and 12, as well as any interested adults from the local community. Some of the workshops will run more
than once.
Arrival of guests will be at 10.00am, to allow time to set up, with the activities taking place from 10.30am
to 2.30pm, with lunch provided. From 2.30 pm there will be a celebration of the day, with a garden party.