Northumbria Blood Bikes is a registered charity which transports blood and urgent medical supplies throughout the North East of England, from Berwick in the North to Darlington in the South and between the Eastern coast and the Cumbria border. The charity is run entirely by volunteers and relies on these volunteers to undertake all tasks. We are operational outside of normal office hours: from 19:00 in the evening until 07:00 in the morning during the week, and at weekends we cover from 19:00 on Friday until 07:00 on Monday (or the next working day after that on Bank Holidays).    


We are looking for Fundraisers to join the Team to improve and have a direct impact on our ability to operate and continue to develop. Most of the work for the fundraising team consists of:supermarket collections, attending public events, and similar, engaging with the public talking about what we do, and undertaking bucket collections. We undertake these activities during the day, mostly at a weekend, but often during the working week. Without fundraising, our fleet cannot move: we need to raise £6,000 each month to cover our running costs.


Every event we attend will have the same basic components: a blood bike, information and promotional materials, some pull-up banners, sealed collection buckets, and people, in uniform, with a professional appearance and bags of enthusiasm. Think it's for you - are you a people person who wants to make a difference?


  1. Attending fundraising events to represent NBB
  2. Talking to members of the public about NBB
  3. Be proactive in making it easy for the public to donate
  4. Ensure at all times that you comply with collecting rules for hosts

You need to be

  1. A people person
  2. Reliable
  3. Able to think on your feet
  4. IT literate
  5. Professional in approach
  6. Engaging with the public
  7. A team player
  8. Able to commit to attending 1 event per month (varies between 3-8 hours in duration)