NBB Wishlist

picture of Hi Vis Jacket for Blood Bike riders

Each of our riders needs a hi-visibility jacket to ensure they are seen on the road.


Picture of First Aid Kit

A first aid kit and fire extinguisher are needed for each bike in case of an emergency.


Picture of Display Marquee

We need a new Marquee to house our displays when we are fundraising in all weathers.


Picture of petrol pump nozzle

It requires £2,000 of petrol per month to keep our bikes, and cars on the road, without fuel we cannot survive.

Cost ongoing

Picture of insurance documents.

Our bikes costs £700 per year each to insure. It's an essential cost to keep us on the road.


Picture of Blood Bike

Without bikes we can't deliver urgently needed blood and medical supplies to the NHS Trusts.


Picture of satellites.

Should the worst happen, a tracker helps to get us back on the road ASAP.


Picture of collection tub.

We are always in need of these, we place them in shops, hotels, in fact anywhere.

£2.50 each

Picture of promotional flyer.

We hand out promotional material at events and to our clients, costs vary.


To help our riders find the best routes between hospitals


Picture of promotional items.

They create awareness and also a smile! Everyone likes a free gift.

Cost varies

Picture of tax disc

Our road tax (Vehicle Exise Duty) is another ongoing cost that has to be paid, per bike, per annum.