Bamburgh - BMW R 1200 RT




R 1200 RT

Vehicle Registration Mark: 


Call Sign: 


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Date Joined: 

Fri, 21/06/2013

Date Operational: 

Mon, 03/02/2014

Date Retired: 

Sun, 01/02/2015

Purchased via a well known online auction site our first blood bike is a BMW 1200RT in 'Police Specification'.

In addition to the standard bike, the police models come with a single seat (as the rear is removed to make way for the police radio) so the rear rack will be added here to carry the blood boxes.  Instead of normal panniers the Police models were fitted with 'city cases' which fitted within the profile of the bike but could accommodate an A4 file or paperwork. The narrower profile allows the bike to filter more easily through busy traffic. Crashbars are fitted front and rear to protect the bike and it's equipment in any low speed spills.

See what BMW themselves, or wikipedia has to say about the R1200RT

After sterling work, for over a year, persistent injuries and an overall lack of fitness caused the RT1200RT into retirement in February 2015.



Photo of Blood Bike "Bamburgh" at St Mary's Lighthouse, Whitley Bay.
 Photo of Blood Bike "Bamburgh" at Newcastle Quayside.

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