Mayor of Morpeth

Kirsty Lawrence's picture

On Wednesday evening we were invited to attend the Morpeth Mayor Making. The newly elected Mayor or Morpeth, Alison Byard, made the tremendous announcement that she has chosen Northumbria Blood Bikes as the charity she will be support whilst in office. Not only has she already put plans in place on how she will supporting our charity she is already part of our #BloodBikesGNR team 2019; along with her running buddies Claire Lancaster and Lesley Athey. We are looking forward to working alongside Alison and are wishing her the best of luck during her time as Mayor.

Photograph left to right: Mark Horton (former LibDem councillor and Mayor now Blood Biker and Shift Controller), Alison Byard (Mayor of Morpeth), Graham Moor (NBB Chair), Steve Byard (Alison’s husband), Jason Cooper (Blood Biker), Clair Lancaster and Lesley Athey (Alison’s running buddies for the GNR).