Why I volunteer by Dave Williams

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Why I volunteer…

“I found out about Northumbria Blood Bikes after I done a search online post discussion with some ex work colleague bikers who are blood bikers in other parts of the UK.

I applied in January 2019, being retired now and willing to support a very useful cause. I am a fairly new volunteer just beginning my role with the charity. I am currently Rider but would also like to become a Driver longer term. I am pretty flexible being retired now so will see how this pans out when I have completed the familiarisation phase and eligible to be put on the rota.

Having passed my advanced motorcycle test some 14 years ago, I found the observed ride, with Geoff Spencer, a very valuable and welcome refresher. My thanks to Geoff, this provides every rider the opportunity to improve their riding skills, benefiting from his experience.

On the day I completed the observed ride, there was a social weekend event at a local pub with a live radio broadcast on the Saturday afternoon. The presenters asked me to share my blood bikes experiences on-air to promote the charity which I duly obliged. Also, everyone I have spoken with since volunteering has shown great interest, support and want to know more about blood bikes  

If you’re thinking about joining as a volunteer - Do it, it’s a very worthwhile cause!

My name is Dave Williams and that’s why I volunteer for Northumbria Blood Bikes.”

To sign up or for more information on the roles visit: http://www.northumbriabloodbikes.org.uk/support/volunteer

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