Why I volunteer by John Thompson

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Why I volunteer…
“I first heard about NBB when I was shopping in Asda Benton and Sean was there collecting.
I decided to join that day after I got home, which was about 3 years ago. Following the passing of my best friend. I'm a rider, driver and infrequent fundraiser.
I work full time for Newcastle Hospitals, so I am really busy (especially at the minute with covid) so I usually try and do a Hexham shift through week and a full shift at a weekend.
The sense of giving something back, feels like a small thing to give up time, but it has a profound impact on the hospitals ability to provide an improved service to patients. 
My most memorable moment was being selected as Newcastle Hospitals charity of the year in 2019, I was double proud.
 I will never be able to bring my best friend back, but every delivery could be the difference between someone else living or dying... and it's that sense of pride, every time I put on the uniform.
A small act of kindness can be life changing, even if we don’t even realise it.
My name is John Thompson and that’s why I volunteer for Northumbria Blood Bikes.”
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