Why I volunteer by Brian Branch

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Why I volunteer...
“I first heard about Northumbria Blood Bikes through my daughter who is a nurse at the RVI. She would see the volunteers outside the hospital.
I looked into the role of a NBB volunteer and applied at the end of last year. I felt it was a great opportunity to provide help and support upon retiring from work. I have volunteered as a blood car driver.
The NBB role fits well into my daily life being that I am now retired. It has been a little difficult getting started however due to the current pandemic. But now I’m up and running I find it easy to organise shifts around my other commitments.
The best thing I’ve experienced so far is the friendly people I’ve met so far whilst on shift. They have been there at every step of the way to supply advice and guidance.
The most memorable moments has to be the family standing at the side of the road giving me a wave when I drove past. It really does make it all worthwhile.
This is the first voluntary role I’ve had and it has made me realise not every role has to be a paid role to provide a great deal of satisfaction. Being able to give some time is such a rewarding experience, and thanks makes it all worthwhile.
My name is Brian Branch and that’s why I volunteer for Northumbria Blood Bikes.”
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