Wish token campaign

Kirsty Lawrence's picture
We're happy to announce that we have been accepted in The Evening Chronicle's Wish Token campaign again for the second year. The first of the tokens will be in the paper on Wednesday 11th October through until early January.
This is where you come in because the more tokens we collect the larger the share of the money we will receive. We were over the moon when we took part for the first time last year we made it into the top 10.
Four tokens will be printed a day but also watch out for bonus tokens too. Please spread the word with your friends, family, colleagues and everyone you know that every token counts!
If you know of any local businesses that would like a token collection box please contact Kirsty Lawrence, our Publicity Officer, via publicity@northumbriabloodbikes.org.uk
Once the tokens have begun we will let you know where to send them to.