Octagon's retirement

Kirsty Lawrence's picture

Today we retired Octagon, (centre of the photograph with the three bikes), from active service and our volunteers almost had a tear in their eyes.

While Octagon may be retiring for active service she is going to be an ambassador for Northumbria Blood Bikes and NABB at the Emergency Services Museum in Sheffield.

In addition we have also been invited to the opening of this new exhibition and Blood Bike Volunteers will get in for free any time of the year (just need to show ID cards).

Here’s a bit of Octagon’s history:

Our second bloodbike, a 2007 Honda Pan European.

Bought second hand, in October 2013, with around 6000 miles on the clock.

This purchase became a possibility when MG Northumbria, (some of whom are in the photographs of her retirement), made a very generous donation to Northumbria Blood Bikes.  In recognition of their generousity MG Northumbria were given the opportunity to choose a call sign for the bike.  The bike is known as "Octagon".